"Midnight sun"

Sol de Medianoche (Midnight sun) is the seventh Amarok's album released by the prestigious North-american label progrock records. In it the band continues advancing and maturing in its blending of progressive rock with the Mediterranean music and a few touches of Celtic music. The songs are sung principally in Spanish, but there are some songs in Catalan and even in English, for the first time in the history of the group. The variety of instruments used on this release exceeds anything attempted before by the band, however the arrangements are very precise so there is no sense of overkill. The lyrics speak about the Kábala (Sephiroth), the hermits (Hermits), the book of 1001 nights (Ishak the fisherman), the creatures of the myth of Chulthu (Wendigo) and, in the song that gives name to the disc, about the history of an imprisoned poet through the fault of his ideas. As a treat, an ethnic version of ELP's theme Abaddon's Bolero.  



The last CD, edited in 2004, is a new step from the one that grup had done in his latest album, Mujer Luna. The fusion of the ethnic and arabic sounds with the rock and the jazz is more important giving as a result some of the best compositions of the band, like Hsieh or the spectacular Quentadhärken suite (Song of the Overcome Darkness), where melodies and lyricism, accompanied by the voice of Marta, marks one of the algid points of Amarok. Serching the more experimental jazz side (Tierra Boreal), explosions ethnic-rockers (Spiral), relaxed symphonic moments (Encantamiento) or references to the 70' symphonic rock with arabesque airs (Úlima Expedition) completes this work.








Caràtula 5è disc (Quadre de Mauricio Antón)

"Mujer Luna"

In this CD of 2002 the Amarok's proposal gives women the protagonism of the tales that fills the album. From submites women with a wonderfull inner world to offer ("Moon woman"), to the usseless search of a park by a child in Hiroshima after the atomic bomb ("In the park"), passing by the fight and dreams in a non complaisance society ("Dreaming dreams"), the nostalgy of love ("Where are you my love"), and the lovely gift of a mother to her son ("Lullaby to the son of the Earth"). Musically this album represents a new frontier in the constant timbrical and stylistic evolution of the band.







"Tierra de especias"

Edited in 2000.

"In this recording, Amarok takes us on a journey with Azabel the storyteller, throughout the Mediterranean region and beyond. It is a voyage of self-discovery that lasts a lifetime and is indeed life’s very objective. Musically Tierra de especias is a stylistic and rhythmic journey whose wanderings take us from the borders of folk and Mediterranean music to symphonic rock and beyond.
Returning to Amarok's roots, this CD was also recorded using only solar energy"







Caràtula tercer disc (Marc Xicola i Mar Alvarez)


Released in 1998 in Spain by Beringia and in Japan by "Belle Antique".

"Many names have been used by mankind to reconize and honor the deities that simbolized Earth, giver of all the goods that make life possible. With time many things have been forgotten. Among these are the names and the things that these names represented. Perhaps the time has come to search for new words that will help us to rediscover that we should never forgotten...Gibra'ara"







Caràtula segon disc (Quadre d'Asy Guerrero)

"Canciones de los mundos perdidos"

Published and ditributed by LYRICON al 1995
"This record is a journey as imagined like desired by the worlds created by writters like J.R.R Tolkien or Robert Holdstock, worlds that have fascinate and influenced us for years, and in wich we perhaps have prefered to live in"





Caràtula 1r disc

"Els nostres petits amics"

It is an album recorded in a studio provided with solar cells, in a catalan country house (masía) located in the mountain range of "Serra de les Guilleries", Northern Catalonia.

"In our times seems that people get worried more for the sound quality of a recording that for the music it contains. This attitude is characteristic in a world in wich tecnology has been converted in object of cult and adoration. We wanted to escape of this manner of thinking, convinced of that could be carried out excellent music works relying on restricted means, especialy if we put on all affection in the intent. This has resulted all a magic experience, and we learned to work according to the rhythm imposed by nature: slow, solid ground and confort"








Other recordings


* Piece “El ciclo del tiempo” by Robert Santamaría. Released by AudioVisuals de Sarrià. MIGRACIONS, 1991. MC released by Lilah producciones fonográficas.

* Three pieces. Released by the Instituto Internacional de Musicoterapia y la INNA. MUSICA PARA DESAPARECER DENTRO VOL. III. 1995. Sample CD.

* Piece “Prólogo”. Released by Sonifolk. MUSICA PARA DESAPARECER DENTRO VOL. I. 1996. Double sample CD.

* Piece “Islas”. Released by Sonifolk. HIDROGEN. ESPAIS NATURALS DE CATALUNYA. 1998. CD. Piece "Bocins de l'Empordà". Released by Principal d'Edicions.

* HIDROGEN. ESPAIS NATURALS DE CATALUNYA. 2000. CD. Piece "Torrent de colobrers". Released by Principal d'Edicions.