Who are we, and where we work?

Renato Di PrinzioMireia SisquellaRobert SantamariaMarta SeguraAlan ChehabManel Mayol


Our group is composed by (from left to right):

  • Renato Di Prinzio, bateria, tabla and derbouka
  • Mireia Sisquella, soprano and alto saxophone, and keyboards
  • Robert Santamaria, keyboards, 12-string guitar, saz, ...
  • Marta Segura, vocals and percussion
  • Alán Chehab, bass guitar, oud
  • Manel Mayol, flute, tin whistle, vocals, percussion and didjeridoo

The musicians

Renato Di Prinzio

Visit his crazy personal web site at


Mireia Sisquella

A saxophonist with classical training, Mireia studied at the CSMMB (Conservatori Superior Municipal de Música de Barcelona, or Municipal High Conservatory of Music in Barcelona).She has participated in recording some themes for different projects.


Robert Santamaria

Composer and multi-instrumentist Robert Santamaria participated in many cutting-edge musical groups in Venezuela in the decade of the 1980s. Since moving to Spain, he has composed music for audiovisual productions and nature videos. Since 1989 he has participated as musician and producer in several folk and rock projects.


Marta Segura

Marta is a singer with considerable accomplishments in melodic rock, funky blues and Celtic music.


Alán Chehab

Selfeducated musician, he started playing the electric guitar on some jazz bands like "Four corners" and a funk one as "Free letter". On 1999 he changed his guitar for the electric bass. He has played with bands as "Jaguatirica" (latin-fussion) or "Versâo brasileira" (forró).


Manel Mayol

Manel plays the transverse flute and other traditional wind instruments including the tin whistle and the bansuri. He also plays the didjeridoo. He belongs to the celtic group “Mc Andrew Brothers” where he plays flutes and sing, and has performed many concerts throughout Spain. He has been a guest musician on many CD releases in the fields of traditional music, vocal music and rock.



The recording studio and our reherseals

Our small recording studio works with solar energy and it's placed in a countryside house of "Serra de les Guilleries", at Catalonia.



As well as the recording studio, they have their rehearsals on another countryside house.