Sol de medianoche (Midnight sun)

In this page you can hear a selection of some of the nicest moments of the seventh and last Amarok's album.
To do that we have used the compression Mp3.

We hope you'll enjoy this short moments of our music.

ALL (6.5 Mb)



"Midnight sun" has appeared as the result of the new dynamic of the band. The compositions of the keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Robert Santamaría are recorded carefully at his usual recording studio at Montseny Mountains . The contribution of all the musicians in the band adds a nice feeling into each theme. The inclusion of other instruments by guest musicians is enough to complete the work. We would like to thank all of them for their creativity and professionalism. To Pablo Tato and Andrés Olaegui at the electric guitar, Víctor Estrada at the Spanish guitar and the theremin, Branislav Grbic at the violin, Pepe Andreu at the trumpet, fiscorn and piccolo, Moi Pérez at the harmonic and Tibetan chants, and Marta Riba , Nuri Sabaté and Marie Weckesser at the voices. Special thanks to Luis Blanco for all his unconditional support along these years and of course for his contribution with the vibraslap.

Look for the disc you will find an unfolded inside.


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